Walking maps – part of what are defined as “Physical Maps”

We use all the techniques available to favour an immediate and clear legibility, from the scale, to intuitive symbols, to shadow relief. We care about including special features, such as fountains. which are important for any walking map.

We add more quality to our maps by the careful mapping of vegetation – one of our trademarks! We also produce summer maps and winter maps of the same area.

Maps with trekking Itineraries will open and showcase the territory and are ready-made for tourists.

Combined with a webpage link these itineraries can be described in detail with photos and a digital version that can be uploaded and used on a smartphone.

Software like Avenza Maps is ideal for this. A solution with this as an example can be seen by accessing this link

Size is not a problem

Overall Map Arzino Valley

Here are more examples of maps with tailor-made itineraries

Auronzo Itineraries
Auronzo Itineraries
Perledo Itineraries
Perledo Itineraries
Casole Map Guide

For those that prefer pedals, MTB or road bike itineraries can be designed accordingly.

San Gimignano Mountain Bike Itinerary 29km
San Gimignano Mountain Bike Profile

Via Francigena

Map 10 “Monteriggioni Central” – Data sheet 12

The “Via Francigena” the famous Pilgrimage walk from Canterbury to the Vatican a series of 12 maps complete with profiles to cover 89kms of this walk were produced.

Tourist Maps – Street Directories

Combining a bit of shading with road, intuitive symbols will open up the territory for the tourist with a hard copy map in their hands.

The street directory of Vittorio Veneto was redone in paper format as there were over 20 errors or missing annotations on the well-known web map programs. The council wanted a hard copy version for the tourist bureau.

Street Directory of Vittorio Veneto
“Tesero” Historic Town – Note: Personalised annotation

3D maps

These maps are very effective when the morphology is strong, outlining evident landform features.

Small scale maps covering extensive areas with an exaggerated height to length ratio offer immediate interpretation, excellent with inexperienced map readers.


Another type of 3D map where aerial photography is illustrated with symbols and annotation, or in a more geometric correct way aerial imagery can be draped over a DEM and similarly annotated and illustrated with symbols.

Vittorio Veneto Photomap
Vittorio Veneto Photomap

Thematic maps

These maps are specifically designed to show a particular theme such as the land care groups of the Ginninderra basin.

The catchment is clearly outlined with the whereabouts of all landcare groups shown

Thematic map showing Landcare Groups in the Ginninderra Basin, Canberra
Thematic map showing Landcare Groups in the Ginninderra Basin, Canberra

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